Top 7 Free Music Websites in Nigeria: Stream and Download Your Favorite Afrobeats (and More!)

Dj playing Nigerian Music
Top Free Music Websites in Nigeria

Nigeria’s music scene is a powerhouse, pumping out infectious Afrobeats, soulful highlife, and energetic hip-hop. But where do you go to discover and enjoy this sonic treasure trove? Don’t worry, music lovers, we’ve got you covered! This list explores the top 10 free music websites in Nigeria for 2024, offering a variety of options to suit your listening preferences.

1. Escape HD ( High-Quality Music Videos in Your Pocket

Craving stunning visuals to complement your favorite tunes? Look no further than! This website reigns supreme as the number one free music video website in Nigeria. EscapeHD boasts a massive library spanning all genres, with a special focus on Nigerian artists and Afrobeats hits. Stream or download music videos in glorious HD quality, letting the vibrant visuals enhance your listening experience. Download the EscapeHD app for on-the-go access and keep the party going wherever you are.

2. The Latest News and Tunes goes beyond just music. Similar to NotJustOk, it’s a one-stop shop for all things Nigerian entertainment. Stay updated on the latest music news, watch exclusive interviews with your favorite artists, and – of course – stream and download a wide range of Nigerian music for free.

3. Waptrick Music ( A Classic Choice

A familiar name for many Nigerians, Waptrick Music offers a user-friendly platform for streaming and downloading music. Their extensive library caters to a variety of tastes, making it a reliable source for your daily dose of Nigerian music.

4. Land of Hype ( Beyond Music

Land of Hype isn’t just about music. This website also features comedy skits, celebrity gossip, and the latest entertainment news. But fear not, music fans – they still boast a sizable collection of Nigerian music for you to explore.

5. News, Entertainment, and Music is another website that offers a diverse mix of content. Alongside the latest news and lifestyle editorials, you’ll find a dedicated music section with a good selection of Nigerian music to keep you entertained.

6. Star Music ([invalid URL removed]): The Home of Nollywood

Star Music is a platform dedicated to the world of Nollywood, Nigeria’s thriving film industry. But alongside movie trailers and behind-the-scenes content, they also offer a selection of Nigerian music for free streaming.

7. XclusiveJamz ([invalid URL removed]): Independent Gems

XclusiveJamz champions independent Nigerian artists. This website is a great place to discover fresh sounds and hidden talents outside the mainstream. Support the future of Nigerian music and find your next favorite artist on XclusiveJamz.

With this diverse range of free music websites, you’re well-equipped to explore the vibrant soundscape of Nigeria. So, put on your headphones, hit play, and let the music take you on a journey!