Rick Ross – Champagne Moments (Official Video)

Rick Ross - Champagne Moments (Official Video)

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American rapper and record executive, Rick Ross, who is acclaimed to be an influential figure in modern hip hop music has blessed fans with visuals to his new track “Champagne Moments”.

While the track is presumed to be a diss track at Drake, Rick Ross reflects on his success and wealth, contrasting it with the struggles of others in the industry. He boasts about his luxurious lifestyle, mentioning his Maybach, marble floors, and fish tanks. He addresses the prevalence of ghostwriting in the industry and takes shots at those who rely on others to create their music.

Ross asserts his dominance in the rap game, emphasizing his wealth and power. He warns against underestimating him, suggesting that he’s willing to resort to violence if provoked. He also criticizes individuals who he perceives as lacking authenticity or integrity in their music and persona.

There’s a confrontational tone throughout the lyrics, particularly towards unnamed individuals (Drake) whom Ross accuses of hypocrisy, betrayal, and envy. He mentions incidents involving legal action and personal grievances, indicating a willingness to confront his adversaries directly.

Champagne Moments Lyrics by Rick Ross

Maybach Music
Fish tanks and marble floors, livin’ big and badNiggas laugh until they hit with my official jabCrack smoke is the exhaust from my pen and padGhostwriters, they get to floss what you could’ve hadRecord label takin’ a loss, are you in your bag?You a worker wantin’ to chart, don’t make me laughGet to mine, tell by my watch, this a different timeLivin’ fine, I’m gettin’ high as your shit declineWho believes he movin’ keys in his Louie Vs?Run up on you and snatch your chain, watch you bitches bleedFeel the pain and just describe when you really rideEither you niggas gettin’ money or ready to dieB-I-G, give a fuck if you Chi-AliYou got it and you keep it tucked if you be by meDo the job, better known as the Charles SchwabDouble Rs spread through the yard, and I swear to God
Pop a Perc’ for the ‘ville, go and count me a mill’Kill you niggas for free, do it all for the thrillNiggas leakin’ they records when we speakin’ directlyIf we keepin’ it gangsta, when you see me, you check me
White boy, I see youI see you, yeah, check
Gettin’ bullied, don’t walk up on me ’cause the clip is fullyNiggas pussy, don’t want to push me, I’m like, “Really, would he?”Like his moves, but he never had to fight in schoolAlways ran, another nigga had to write your groovesFlow is copy-and-paste, Weezy gave you the juiceAnother white boy at the park wanna hang with the crewPulitzer Prize winner switchin’ up like dyed denimGet incentives for all the killings while we ride rentalsLook me right in my face, he beginning to shakeTold you niggas, “Stay schemin’, ” I predicted my fateGot more money than you, fuck you want me to say?Fifty mill’ for the crib, where you want me to stay?I can shoot up the block, I got pictures to paintLet you DM my ho, but got bitches you can’tLet you get on my songs, it was good for your faceNow, bitch nigga, it’s on, ain’t no room for debate
Pop a Perc’ for the ‘ville, go and count me a mill’Kill you niggas for free, do it all for the thrillNiggas leakin’ they records when we speakin’ directlyIf we keepin’ it gangsta, when you see me, you check me
“By the way, I got a lot of respect for a lot of rappersBut I got one guyHe’s my favorite person to rap with on any songHis name is Rick Ross”
Maybach MusicYou ain’t never want to be a nigga anyway, niggaThat’s why you had a operationTo make your nose smaller than your father nose, niggaI unfollowed you, nigga ’cause you sentThe motherfuckin’ cease-and-desist to French Montana, niggaYou sent the police, nigga, hatin’ on my dawg projectThat wasn’t the same white boy that I seen, niggaWhen we were makin’ them early records, niggaWhen you were happy to be ’round niggasSeein’ niggas holdin’ them sticksYeahYou owe motherfucking Stunna your life, niggaGive Weezy some more money, niggaGive Rap-A-Lot some more money, niggaWhite boyYeah, biggest, it’s Rozay, niggaWe can do it how you wanna do it, where you wanna do itAnytime you wanna do it, I’m readyI’m ready, white boy, huhI know you got your Dockers on with no underwear, white boyYeah, you had that surgery, that six-pack goneThat’s why you wearin’ that funny shit at your showYou can’t hide it, niggaWhite boy

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