Quavo – Himothy (Official Video)

Quavo - Himothy (Official Video)

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Official YouTube Video for Himothy by Quavo

Quavo dropped his initial song of the year titled “HIMOTHY.” Shortly after the release of this solo track, he debuted its official music video within a week. “HIMOTHY” marks his first new music release since his second solo album, “Rocket Power,” which received a relatively modest reception in 2023. In the video, Quavo proudly represents his hometown of Atlanta, notably seen standing atop the city’s iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The lyrics express a sense of self-assuredness and confidence, with him asserting his identity and prowess. He reflects on his journey from adversity to success, emphasizing resilience and determination in the face of challenges. He boasts about his ability to navigate through difficult situations, whether it be through street smarts, financial savvy, or sheer willpower.

There’s a strong emphasis on authenticity and staying true to oneself. He dismisses superficial concerns like social media followers and instead focuses on meaningful connections and experiences. He exudes a sense of control and power, both in his personal relationships and in his approach to life.

Throughout the song, there’s a recurring motif of being recognized and respected for who he is. The repeated refrain “Everybody know that I’m him” reinforces their status and dominance in their environment. It’s a declaration of identity and strength, asserting their place at the top of their game.

Himothy Lyrics by Quavo

Damn, son, where’d you find this?Ever since YRN, I’ve been talkin’ my shit, niggaBeen led up, been chained up, niggaThis shit don’t change us, nigga (what, you ain’t know?)Done been through a lot of fuck shit, nigga (Budda Beats)But we gon’ change back right up, just like this, nigga (yeah)
Let me get my shit together, I got a jugg to catch (jugg)Fuck nigga always sayin’ we together, wanna be apart of the flex (shit)Y’all niggas outside tellin’ on somethin’, makin’ citizens arrest (woo)I told the gang “We gon’ eat forever”, I’ll never let ’em starve to death (forever)Quavo, how you manifest? ‘Cause I’m him in the flesh (him)In the same breath, I can show ’em how to scam American Express (swipe)I’m tired of you talkin’ ’bout him (I’m tired), please, let my nephew rest (please)Since ain’t nobody doin’ nothin’, shit, fuck it, all of ’em gettin’ pressed (brr)Shut it down, baby, shut it down, Huncho, shut it down, it’s a messLil’ bitty bitch want me hit it and take her to pound town, baby, meet me at UPSDon’t come around if you stand down, since you stand down, get a checkGot this shit out the mud, lil’ nigga, if I get low, shit, I’m makin’ it stretchDrop dead fresh like the MET, yeah, them niggas was at the METCold sweat geekin’ on a jet, high as fuck geekin’, shitEvery night, I pray my niggas don’t call collect (brr)Havin’ plenty of dog shit, go DMX (damn, son)I’m goin’ all gold bottlesI’m the Nawfside Shawn Carter (Quay-Z)I didn’t take the MARTA ’cause it didn’t go to Jimmy Carter (nah)Trappin’ smarter, not harderScammin’ Wells Fargo in a Charger (skrrt)Want me to show you how to get to the topNigga, should’ve met me at the bottom (for real)I’ll never fall out with a nigga or a bitch over Instagram followersI call all the Instagram models, tell ’em, “Let’s take a trip to Cabo” (go)Shit, I’m poppin’ my shit like, “Hey, mama, ” call me Johnny Bravo (mama)Yeah, bulletproof the Tahoe, bitch, in the man, macho (macho)Jump out the gym, nigga, we all trim (trim)Makin’ a movie ain’t shit but filmBad bitches gon’ flood my VIP (bad)He havin’ so much shit with him (shit)Please, do not play with themGot shooters in the crib, they stay with him (him)Check in my safe, a M (M)Yeah, please, go play themI’ma go and say it, niggas can’t fuck with ya man (nah)Think I’m goin’ somewhere? Hell, nah, nigga, I’m stuck with my fans (yeah)I put blood, sweat and tears, pussy get laid for the brand (laid)All these cards I’ve been dealt, nigga can’t play with my hand, pussy
Everybody know that I’m him (him)Everybody know that I’m him (I’m him)Everybody know that I’m him (himothy)Everybody know that I’m him (him)Check the scout’ report (scout’)Everybody know that I’m him (him)Ask your bitch, of course (himothy)She gon’ tell you I’m him (himothy)Everybody know that I’m him (I’m him)Everybody know that I’m him (himothy)Everybody know that I’m him (himothy)Everybody know that I’m him (him)Check the scout’ report (scout’)Everybody know that I’m him (him)Ask your bitch, of course (himothy)She gon’ tell you I’m him (himothy)

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