Masterkraft – Today ft Ugoccie [Oringo] (Official video)

Masterkraft - Today ft Ugoccie [Oringo] (Official video)

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“Today” by Masterkraft featuring Ugoccie delves into themes of love, appreciation, and the joy found in everyday moments. The song celebrates the present moment and the connection shared between two individuals.

Masterkraft sets the tone with a melodic beat that feels uplifting and energetic, creating a backdrop for Ugoccie’s emotive vocals. The lyrics express gratitude for the love and companionship experienced in the present, conveying a sense of contentment and fulfillment.

Ugoccie’s verses paint a picture of a relationship filled with affection and warmth. She expresses appreciation for her partner’s presence in her life and acknowledges the happiness they bring her. The chorus serves as a declaration of love and commitment, with Ugoccie proclaiming her devotion and desire to cherish the moments they share.

Throughout the song, there is a sense of optimism and positivity, with both artists expressing a deep sense of connection and affection for each other. The lyrics evoke feelings of joy and gratitude, reminding listeners of the importance of living in the moment and treasuring the love they have.

Today Lyrics by Masterkraft and Ugoccie

Today, Today ooo… TodayThe money wey we go troweyyy
Today ooo… Today
Oya make we Dey manya nu oooChop life and bounce oooOnye obuna puta nu ooooToday ooo… Today
Oringo agbakalamui si ahhhToday no go waste oNa my money go waste o, ah ahOyiiiiwooo oh
Na the living go chop life oOnyedindu ga’eri uwaIfedinma rie mu egoToday na Today o!

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