Buga Boys Gone Wrong: Kizz Daniel and Tekno Shades each other

Tekno and Kizz Daniel
Kizz Daniel and Tekno Fights online

Nigerian Afrobeats fans were left scratching their heads recently after witnessing a public spat erupt between two of the genre’s biggest stars – Kizz Daniel and Tekno. The drama, which unfolded primarily on Twitter, stemmed from a social media post claiming Kizz Daniel generously shared a billion Naira in royalties from their hit collaboration, “Buga,” with Tekno.

This seemingly positive story quickly unraveled. Tekno, seemingly dismissive of the claim, had previously downplayed reports of receiving such a hefty sum. Kizz Daniel, apparently sensing disrespect, took to Twitter to fire back. He claimed to have “rescued” Tekno’s career with “Buga” and that Tekno wasn’t expecting any royalties in the first place.

The exchange escalated quickly, with both artists trading barbs and thinly veiled threats. Tekno even hinted at exposing “messy secrets” about Kizz Daniel. Thankfully, the situation didn’t progress further, leaving fans to wonder what caused the sudden animosity.

Here are some of the burning questions surrounding the Kizz Daniel and Tekno online quarrel:

Was there a real disagreement about money?

It’s difficult to say for sure. The initial social media post about the billion Naira royalty was likely inaccurate. However, Tekno’s dismissal of receiving any money and Kizz Daniel’s claim of rescuing his career with “Buga” suggest there might be some tension regarding the financial aspects of their collaboration.

Did this hurt their relationship?

The public nature of the argument likely damaged their personal and professional relationship. Whether they can reconcile and collaborate again remains to be seen.

How will this affect their careers?

While the controversy generated a lot of buzz online, it’s unlikely to have a lasting negative impact on their careers. Both Kizz Daniel and Tekno are established artists with dedicated fan bases. However, it might tarnish their public image and raise questions about their professionalism.

Tekno and Kizz Daneiel, Who is the Richest?

Well the Answer is definitely not certain based on both artist’s extrinsic value but we sure can attest that both are talented and are successful in their careers so far.

What lessons can be learned from this situation?

This incident highlights the importance of clear communication and transparent agreements, especially in creative collaborations. It also serves as a reminder that airing dirty laundry online can damage personal and professional relationships.

Hopefully, Kizz Daniel and Tekno can move past this and continue to create great music for their fans.