God’s People – Libianca (Official Video)

God's People - Libianca (Official Video)

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“God’s People” is a newly released track by popular “People” crooner, Libianca. The song encompass themes of faith, struggle, and perseverance. The lyrics depict a journey of spiritual growth and resilience in the face of adversity.

Libianca uses vivid imagery and emotive language to convey the depth of human experience and the search for divine guidance. The song reflects on the challenges of life and the importance of faith in overcoming them. It speaks to the universal human longing for connection with something greater than oneself and the belief in a higher power to provide strength and solace.

Through its poignant lyrics and soul-stirring melody, “God’s People” offers a message of hope and affirmation to listeners, reminding them of the power of faith to sustain and uplift the human spirit.

God's People Lyrics by Libianca

Ye ye ye
When will we stop killing ourselves
Don’t we know selfishness will be the end of us
Shooting bullets at each other
This is how
The pain becomes unbearable
So we steal from poor
And ravishing the blood of our people
Free God’s people
The power of your tongue
Is greater than any other
So say it
Free my people
Let them go
Let them go
Free my people
Let them goo
Ye ah
Let us goo
My home that used to be so beautiful
Now soaked with blood of my family and my friends
And their gone forever (eh)
And now there’s only anger left in me
Its seeking revenge won’t solve the matter
So tell me what the fuck can I do
I use my voice to tell it to you
Stop stealing from the poor
And sitting in the blood of my people
Free God’s people
Theirs power in our tongues
So join me now to shout it
Oh shout it
Free God’s people
Let them go
Let them go
Free my People
Let them go
Let them go

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