Fridayy – Without You (Official Video)

Fridayy - Without You (Official Video)

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Official YouTube Video for Without You by Fridayy

Fridayy, a fast-rising artist, has recently released a standout single named “Without You,” which is gaining significant traction across various online platforms.

The song portrays themes of love, loss, and dependence. He expresses desperation and longing for his loved one, acknowledging his own shortcomings and dependency on the other person. The lyrics depict a sense of helplessness and vulnerability, as he feels incomplete without his partner. There’s a strong emotional appeal in the repeated question “What do I do?” emphasizing the confusion and uncertainty he feels in the absence of his loved one.

The imagery used in the song, such as seeing the loved one’s face when closing the eyes, feeling their presence during moments of sadness, and the metaphorical sinking feeling without them, creates a vivid portrayal of the depth of emotions experienced. The repeated plea for the loved one to hold them and not let go conveys a sense of desperation for reassurance and comfort.

Towards the end of the song, there’s a shift in perspective as he acknowledges the importance of the loved one in the eyes of others, suggesting that they are everything to someone else as well. This adds complexity to the emotional landscape of the song, highlighting the interconnectedness of love and dependence between individuals.

Overall, the song delves into the complexities of love, loss, and the deep emotional bonds that tie individuals together, ultimately leaving the listener with a sense of longing and introspection.

Without You Lyrics by Fridayy

One last time, I get to see your face (yeah)Knowin’ you won’t take your love away (yeah)Lookin’ over your body, tellin’ you to give me a signStandin’ right here, waitin’ on you to open your eyesOh, could this be the last time that I get to hold your hand?I’m breakin’ down, I hear you tellin’ me to be a manYou know I ain’t shit without you, how could you leave me alone?I’m goin’ far away ’cause without you there’s no hope (oh)
So tell me, what do I do?I’m nothin’ without youTell me, what do I do?I’m nothin’ without you (mm-mm)
I see your face every time I close my eyes (close my eyes)I feel you with me when I cry at night (cry at night)I’m holdin’ on, ’bout to lose my mind, can you help me? (Woah)I hear your voice every time the crows clears out (crowd clears)I’m on the stage but I’m stallin’ out (yeah)I’m in the deep end, I’m sinkin’ now, can you save me? (Me, oh)Feelin’ all this pain insideI need somethin’ that can heal me (yeah)Girl, my heart is gettin’ cold, baby, can you hold me?Oh-oh, and don’t let go (go, go)Oh, baby, hold me close (close)I don’t know where to go‘Cause without you, there’s no hope (hope, oh)
So tell me (tell me), what do I do?I’m nothin’ (nothin’) without you (without you)So tell me, what do I do? (Do)I’m nothin’ (nothin’) without you (without you)
Even through your worst‘Cause you are everything to them (yes)You are everything in their eyes (yes, you are)And they cannot do anything without you

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