Busta Rhymes – BIG EVERYTHING (Official Music Video) ft DaBaby, T-Pain

Busta Rhymes - BIG EVERYTHING (Official Music Video) ft DaBaby, T-Pain

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Official YouTube Video for Big Everything by Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes debuts the music video for his latest single “BIG EVERYTHING,” featuring DaBaby and T-Pain. The video, reminiscent of a cinematic spectacle, captivates viewers from start to finish. It kicks off with a nod to the classic 1991 film “New Jack City,” as Busta and Spliff Starr enact a scene of suspense by dangling a disgraced dealer off a building. The visuals then transition to scenes of luxury, with DaBaby and T-Pain joining Busta amidst opulence. DaBaby sets the tone with his opening verse, asserting his prowess even from his underground days, all while surrounded by the ambiance of a library.

The lyrics delve into themes of success, extravagance, and unapologetic confidence. They portray a lifestyle of opulence, where material wealth, luxury cars, and lavish spending are the norm. The narrator boasts about their rise to the top, recalling their earlier days hustling underground, now reveling in their millionaire status. They flaunt their ability to afford the finest things, from expensive cars to designer clothes, and they don’t hesitate to indulge in excess, whether it’s drinks or women.

Throughout the verses, there’s an air of defiance and independence, rejecting conformity and embracing individuality. They assert their dominance in the industry and make it clear that they won’t be swayed by others’ opinions. The lyrics also touch on themes of perseverance and determination, emphasizing the hard work and hustle required to achieve their level of success.

Overall, the song celebrates a larger-than-life lifestyle, where success is measured in big dreams, big money, and big everything. It’s a bold declaration of self-assurance and prosperity, delivered with swagger and unbridled confidence.

Big Everything Lyrics by Busta Rhymes

ShooterSerious shooterIt’s Baby, look
I told them niggas I was top five when I was underground (yeah)Fucking all the bitches (yeah) give them hoes the runaroundAll I ever knew the girl to be was just a freak (a freak)I’ma let the world think that she a woman nowTo go get some CDs, I sold niggas remixesI sold this shit to any nigga want a poundUsed to wrap ’em fast, I was Busta RhymesThem niggas had ’em thirty-five, I had ’em twenty-nineEvery day a nigga flip phone ring a hundred timesHad a foreign car, mink coat, I rode around, buy the carThrow the tint on and I roll aroundYeah, brand new whip, pull a brand new bitch in it
Niggas sick when we pull up, you know how we with itThen cop every bottle, get drunk and then spill it all over the place(Hold up, watch my shoes, I’m gettin’ plenty money, how ’bout you?)Baby, we throw so much bread to the point I’m exhausted (uh-huh)Drinkin’ every bottle ’til a nigga get nauseous (uh-huh)Hundred bitches by a nigga, all of them gorgeous (uh-huh)Hundred thousand on a nigga, more in the officeHand pick an eater bitch, box of chocolates (uh-huh)Beat it little nigga ‘fore I cock the targets (uh-huh)Money growing bigger than a brontosaurusMoney I throw at bitches, cop Boxster PorschesGet that dough, shawty, get that ho for me (get it)Yeah, shawty sip that slow (uh-huh)Bring it back, girl, go ‘head and put it on a nigga likeLike you tryna get another goYeah, bitches acting like they throwing money with bosses (uh-huh)You don’t wanna do that, cut some of your losses (uh-uh)Every single thing about a nigga enormousLot of gold on a nigga and the diamonds is flawlessSee, you motherfuckers could never do the shit I be doingThe best that you knew and been shaking and movingAnd showing and proving, you know that we chewing and business is boomingDon’t come around me playing ’cause I ain’t never fooling with none of you niggas (aw, shit)And when I spit, it’s spooky to some of you niggasTo tell ’em the truth, see, I ain’t moving with none of you niggasAnd body shit ’til it’s time to be gone, fuck up the building‘Til I leave and I’m done with you niggas
Oh, whole lot of shit just to get hereTried to get in, to fit in, to sit here, ohBig money, big dreams, big everythingI been workin’ all day and all night (all night)Everything is alright, ohBig money, big dreams, big everything
Yes, we see y’all, and most of you niggas is B-balls and straight total recallsYou won’t understand this shit we onFuck around, buy the bar, get your drink onThe owner, he’ll fuck with me, he let me smoke my lil’ reeferWhat you drinkin’, ‘yac and tequila? (What you drinking?)You drinking it straight or you need you some ice?I look like I just walked out the freezer (ice)Oh, she like her shit straight, she don’t chase itBitch, that ain’t no ice tray, that’s a braceletYeah, say she can’t wait to get naked (uh-huh)Do your thing, bitch, I make you my favoriteShe say she won’t eat my dick every day, I say no, she gon’ take it (no)I need a minute now ’cause I’m a millionaire, make niggas millionairesTell I handle business, have the Lamborghini spinning outMaybach truck, Maybach car, they can’t see in ’cause it’s tintedCan’t see us ’til we drop the windowUnrecline the seats, let the tray out, close the curtain and eatToday, we having seabass and spinachGive a fuck ’bout your imagePlease do not talk to me until I’m done, nigga, wait ’til I’m finishedI’ll leave you a blemishSwellin’ all over your face, fuck it, I’ll make you diminishUse thirty-day tags when you spendingBig smile, who the dentist?I can keep the whole label independentAnything out my mouth that I say, then I motherfuckin’ did itBitch bad like Dennis the Menace (go)On a private to VeniceFucked all her friends, left ’em back in New York, making all of ’em jealousOrder more sweatersNiggas so cold, had to warm ’em up, then I called all of my fellasThe inside every car made of leather (yeah, yeah)Waste the drink, change the car, it’s whateverWhile shopping, I copped me some Dior and Dolce and then I went and copped a couple MargielasI sip from a couple wine cellarsThe fans write a couple wild lettersSee, I’m a nigga that’ll always give thanks, I’m friends with a couple bank tellersThey let me skip lines at the bank, they call me Mr. KirkThe clerks know that I’m paid, so they flirt (let’s go)Still stay down when you stay down, it hurtWant the change, want the chains, gotta workLocking in, clocking inOn an overnight in your state, I press a button, open up the gate, I’m driving inNigga, I ain’t squashing shitFuck a white flag, it’s a problem right now if we ever had a problem thenAin’t got too much to say ’cause she swallowingWant me to open up the gate, you gotta call it inShe a naughty girl, I pull up on lil’ baby rocking NauticaShe begging me to put it on her face, I told her, “Not again” (not again)I go wherever the fuck I want, it ain’t no signing in (uh-uh)I do whatever the fuck I want, don’t like it? Try me thenShe put my dick and both of my balls in her mouthAnd I stand there in disbelief with my hand on my head wondering how she got ’em in (fuck)Every time we move, you know a nigga gotta winWe got a bag and every DJ nigga got a spinWhen we fuck up everything in the building, all of a sudden, nigga got a whole lot againGive me one more line, OG, one more line (yeah, nigga)You know we drown niggas with heat, I hope you know you gotta swimOkay, one more line, just one more line, one more lineDespite you know we coming to eat, you know we got up in the gym
Oh, whole lot of shit just to get hereTried to get in, to fit in, to sit here, ohBig money, big dreams, big everythingI been workin’ all day and all night (all night)Everything is alright, ohBig money, big dreams, big everything

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