Benson Boone – Slow It Down (Official Music Video)

Benson Boone - Slow It Down (Official Music Video)

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“Slow It Down” by Benson Boone is a poignant pop ballad delving into the complexities of a whirlwind romance and the mental hurdles it presents. Essentially, it’s a plea to his partner to approach love more gradually, allowing them to fully comprehend their emotions and deepen their connection.

Initially, Boone paints a vivid picture of his enchantment with the girl, describing her captivating green eyes and ambitious dreams. He emphasizes her individuality with the phrase ‘green eyes, never stolen by nobody,’ suggesting she remains true to herself despite external influences. The scenes of intimate conversations on the staircase and her sense of isolation in the city illustrate the rapid development of their relationship and the vulnerabilities they share.

In the chorus, Boone highlights the impact of their fast-paced romance on his partner, leading to self-doubt and a crisis of faith. The line ’cause the only love You’ve ever known is Jesus’ hints at her religious background, indicating her unpreparedness for the emotional whirlwind of romantic love. Boone regrets being the cause of her turmoil and suggests they ‘slow it down.’ The imagery of ‘dirty waters’ serves as a metaphor for the turbulent emotions they’re both experiencing, along with the ‘hopeless doubt’ plaguing their relationship.

Slow It Down Lyrics by Benson Boone

[Verse 1]
I’d never met you, but I wanted
To invite you to the party
Then you walked in with those green eyes
Never stolen by nobody
And they flicker to the future
For a moment, I could picture
Then you touch me and I come back
And we’re talking on the staircase
‘Bout your big dreams on the big screens
Out of Georgia, now you’re lonely in this city
Lyin’ with me
And you’re scared it’s movin’ quickly
Oh, now you’re crying, you’re in pieces
‘Cause the only love you’ve ever known is Jesus
I can feel it
Oh, I hate that I’m the reason that you’re

In your head right now
While your world is spinning out

So slow it down
Take a moment now
We’re too young to drown
Deep in dirty waters
Full of hopeless doubt
Let me pull you out
Let me hold you now
Let me slow it down
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[Verse 2]
Ain’t it funny how it changes?
How the future rearranges
I get nervous, oh, I’m anxious
Maybe loving you is dangerous
I could lose you like the others
Only girl that’s never left me is my mother
Oh, I love her
And I know you’ll probably hate it, but I’m

In my head right now

So slow it down
Take a moment now
We’re too young to drown
Deep in dirty waters
Full of hopeless doubt
Let me pull you out
Let me hold you now
Let me (Slow it down)

Slow it down
When you’re on the ground
And you’re crying
I’m trying (Slow it down)
To slow it down
When you’re spinning ’round
In your head
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
I’ll help you slow it down

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